Driven Car Care x 2 - 15 litre Car Wash Detailing Buckets & Grit Guard

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Keep dirt off your wash mitt & off your paint 

Prevent swirl marks using our Grit Guard Bucket 

Use one bucket purely for just rinsing your sponge and the second bucket for soap to wash your vehicle 

Included in sale:

• 2 x 15 litre car wash bucket

• 1 x Plastic Grit Guard

The grit guard will allow dirt to settle to the bottom of the bucket each time you rinse your sponge.

Using the grit guard as a wash board you are able to remove the build up of dirt and it will prevent you from washing your car with a dirty sponge.

The guard is easy to remove allowing you to empty the dirt collected at the bottom and wash items completely.

15 litre bucket will allow you to hold a sufficient amount of water when washing your vehicle, it is made from high quality plastic with a strong handle.

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