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Proudly 100% Australian made! - Platinum Potions' packaging & raw ingredients come from various Australian suppliers from across the country.

Anti-Bacterial Formula - Platinum Potions contain multiple anti-bacterial properties which help fight against various bacteria’s that may be hiding in your carpets.

Long Lasting Fragrances - Platinum Potions leave behind amazing fragrances that last a very long time - (WARNING: You maybe tempted to lick your carpets!)

Deodorizes Stubborn Odours - Platinum Potions eliminate any odour you try stack up against it such as: cigarette smoke, food odours & even B.O. after a gym session!

Ice Cream Holiday

The mother of all vanillas, it’s the same scent you will find coming off Rosie’s breath after a workout session with the ice cream tub.

The scent: Upon fresh application your interior will experience the freshest and cleanest vanilla it has ever seen. Upon aging and seeping deep into the carpets, a very rich sweet mature vanilla bean ice cream will take over your car.


People will start to think you have spilt a tub of vanilla ice cream all over your floor.


Size: 500ml