Platinum Potions Deodorizing Air Freshener - Fusion Mango Twist

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Proudly 100% Australian made! - Platinum Potions's packaging & raw ingredients come from various Australian suppliers from across the country.

Anti-Bacterial Formula - Platinum Potions contain multiple anti-bacterial properties which help fight against various bacteria’s that may be hiding in your carpets.

Long Lasting Fragrances - Our Potions leave behind amazing fragrances that last a very long time - (WARNING: You maybe tempted to lick your carpets!)

Deodorizes Stubborn OdoursOur Potions eliminate any odour you try stack up against it such as: cigarette smoke, food odours & even B.O. after a gym session!


Fusion Mango Twist

If you could choose one fruit to live off for the rest of your life, this is the one, be warned as it’s the strongest of the lot!

The scent: Upon fresh application a sour mango takes over your interior & once maturing into your carpets a sweet jellied mango comes through that you wish you could eat.


This one's temperature sensitive so when it’s cold it’s somewhat sour & when it’s warm outside she comes through sweet.

Size: 500ml