Fireball Pin Towel (72x95cm) Beige

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Fireball Pin Towel (72x95cm) - Fireball Korea No1 Detailing Solution

Features & Benefits

  • Soft microfibre material will not scratch paintwork.
  • Medium-weight microfibre absorbs large amounts of water quickly.
  • High-quality construction. The twist is a long lasting towel.
  • Ideal for average and smaller sized vehicles.

After a big success with Twist Drying Towel, Fireball Korea has developed another Drying Towel which is lighter in weight at a more attractive price.
With similar drying capability like Fireball Twist Drying Towel. Pin Towel is suitable for average and smaller sized vehicles, and is approximately half the cost.

Size 72x95cm 

Directions for Use

  1. Wash twice before use to ensure colour fastness.


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