Final Inspection (Paint Pampering) Body Shampoo 1L Concentrated Refill

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• 1 x Final Inspection Body Shampoo 1 Litre

This 1L Refill pod is Concentrated. We recommended Dilution 1:1 with mains water.

The world's best car wash, designed by detailers, for detailers. The first low SLS, pump pack body shampoo to be used in a bucket-less system for quicker, better results.
Effective, gentle on soft surfaces, contains no ammonia, no corrosive components. Safe for you and safe for your vehicle.

With very high levels of polymer lubricants which minimise swirling, low in SLS (wax-stripping sodium laureth sulphate foaming agents) and the perfect blend of efficient surfactants, Paint Pampering Body Shampoo is a great smelling, great feeling weekly wash at a very respectable price and part of a system that achieves the best results without requiring buckets.

Paint Pampering Body Shampoo delivers perfect results on the following materials

- All types of paint
- All types of glass, chrome, polycarbonate, acrylic, fabric 'soft' convertible tops.

1. For best results, spray a few pumps of Paint Pampering Body Shampoo onto a wet Final Inspection NanoFibre Wash Mitt.
2. Wipe surfaces in straight overlapping grid motions.
3. Remove shampoo by rinsing before shampoo is dry.

Packaging: Traditional Final Inspection 1 Litre refill pod.

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