Fireball Premium Easy Coat 500ml

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  • Time-saving, simply spray onto a wet vehicle after washing.
  • Rinse the car in the usual way.
  • Dry as normal to reveal high gloss finish.
  • Boost hydrophobic function of Nano sealants & waxes.
  • Use on paint, glass, wheels, rubber & plastic trim.
  • The Easiest Way to Add Gloss & Protection.

Busy lifestyles can make it difficult to find time for a full detailing session for the car. So, Fireball designed Premium Easy Coat as the ideal solution for busy people with hard working cars! 
This spray on coating simply goes onto a wet car, rinse and then dry the car to reveal a shiny, hydrophobic and protected surface. Water beading lasts for up to 8 weeks.
Premium Easy Coat can also be added to a hand wash bucket or to Premium Active Snow Foam and applied via a foam lance, providing hydrophobic protection.

Supplied with Spray Trigger

Directions for Use

  1. Wet surface of clean vehicle.
  2. If no water beading occurs, Spray onto clean wet surface.
  3. Pressure clean or rinse car in a usual way.
  4. If water beading occurs after wetting surface of clean vehicle...Spray on surface and spread over surface with a wash mitt to eliminate the risk of streaking.
  5. Pressure clean or rinse car in a usual way.
  6. Dry as normal
  7. (Best to use in cool shady conditions)

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