Final Inspection Interior Cleanse Refill 1 Litre

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1L Refill Pod

A professional strength, citrus-based Interior Cleanser with fast oil-breaking characteristics

Quick cleaning, low-foaming, pleasant smelling and safe for use on all types of plastic, vinyl and fabric.
Interior Cleanse can be used to remove stains, oils, make-up and general dirt and debris from all surfaces quickly and easily. Yellow 'Interior Cleaning' colour coding.

Leather Clean is recommended for cleaning leather surfaces.


Directions of use

1. For best results, spray a few pumps of Interior Cleanse onto a slightly damp Final Inspection NanoFibre Interior Cloth
2. Wipe surfaces such as dashboard, consoles and door trims.
3. Remove Interior Cleanse from cloth by rinsing and remove Interior Cleanse from interior by re-wiping.

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