Final Inspection Electric Drill Pad Converter

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The Final Inspection Pad Converter allows you to utilise 9omm pads with your standard electric drill.

The Pad Converter has an 8mm spindle that attaches to almost any conventional drill, simply insert the spindle into your drill, tighten, attach any 9omm diameter polishing pad and you're polishing without the need for a rotary polisher!

The Pad Converter is also useful for those awkward areas or for polishing using a different angle of position. Conventional drills are not shaped like rotary or random orbital polishers and are usually significantly slimmer, this is often an alternative that comes in very handy for professional detailers to avoid potential risk of the tool coming into contact with the vehicle.

Any pad with a velcro backing between 75mm and 100mm in diameter can be used with the Pad Converter.