Final Inspection 75mm (3") Ø Glass System Correction Pad

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This small 75mm Ø Final Inspection Glass System Correction Pad allows for correction of imperfections such as aggressive watermarking in the smallest areas and at the edges of glass panels on any type of exterior glass.

Gone are the days of using dangerous and risky chemicals or very high pressure and high speed to remove mineral etching and minor blemishes.

Control of the pad is increased versus using a pad of a larger size and detailed work at the very edge of the glass pane is simpler. Pressure per square centimetre is increased so correction is fast.

The Glass System Correction Pads require no second step, leave no marring, hologramming or swirling, induce no distortion, produce very little heat and mate to regular backing plates with a Velcro® attachment.
All Glass System Correction Pads feature Velcro® brand hook & loop with Velcro® brand adhesive for reliability and durability.

The Glass Pad DOES NOT come with the backing plate picture
Final Inspection recommend a Final Inspection 75mm Ø ACTIVE Backing Plate