Final Inspection 90mm Heavy Cutting Pad - White (SHD)

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90mm Heavy Cutting Pad

White SHD Super High Density A VERY Fast cutting, VERY High Cutting Pad with Medium Gloss Finishing characteristics.

Particularly important when using very aggressive compounds, aiding smooth action on sticky paint surfaces resulting in less side effects such as marring, hologramming and blemishing.

Recommended for use on all finishes with all polishes, smoother action on stickier paint surfaces helping blemish free finishes when used in conjunction with fine abrasive polishes.

We recommend the 90mm size for spot polishing of small, tight areas and isolated imperfections. Denibbing with the small 90mm pad is also recommended.

Achieve super short working times with this pad on paint or plastics.

NB: This Pad recommended for use with the following Equipment -

Any Machine with a BP (Backing Plate) of no more than 125mm in diameter

- Festool ROtex125 with Standard (white) or Polishing (green) Backing Plate.

- Festool ROtex150 with optional Polishing Backing Plate (green). Will not be suitable for standard (white) Backing Plate on ROtex150

- Is NOT suitable for BoschGEX150T (which requires a 19o-2oomm Pad).