Final Inspection Cleanse STRONG 500ml

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Tar Removal

Adhesive Removal


Dubbed 'The Tarminator', Cleanse STRONG makes light work of tar and most sub-surface contaminants on paint, glass and chrome.

Purify and clarify any painted or glass surfaces by removing tar, adhesives and light sub-surface contamination with this thorough chemical paint cleanser, best used directly after mechanical decontamination (claying).

Designed primarily to quickly and efficiently remove oils & tar from paintwork, Cleanse STRONG will safely remove the majority of surface and sub-surface contaminants from paint, glass, wheels and chrome.

Directions of use
For best results;

1. Apply Cleanse STRONG only to a clean and dry vehicle with cool surfaces and never in direct sunlight. Always use Cleanse STRONG in a well-ventilated area.

2. Spray 3-5 doses onto a Clean NanoFibre Paintwork Cloth and a little onto the surface. Allow to dwell for 20 seconds or longer, do not allow to dry.

3. Wipe paint, glass and chrome to remove tar and/or contaminants. Repeat if necessary.

Use a NanoFibre Wheel Cloth for Wheels to remove built-up and baked-on tar.

IMPORTANT: re-apply waxes or sealants to any area where you have used Cleanse STRONG.

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